Artist Annie Lee

Artist Annie Lee began painting at the ripe old age of ten, winning her first competition
during that very year. Her accomplishments continued throughout her teens culminating
in an offer of a four-year scholarship at Northwestern University. Though she declined
that scholarship, Annie Lee did return to the study of art at Mundelein college. This was
after producing two wonderful children, enduring the grief of being widowed twice and
having celebrated 40 birthdays. Artist Annee Lee also studied at the American Academy of Art
and earned her Masters of Education degree from Loyola University.
Ms. Lee’s art reflects he remarkable ability to observe and draw life as she sees it,
combining the elements of humor, satire and realism to relay those observations to us.
As a result her work has been internationally acclaimed and warmly received by not only
the African-American culture, but also by art lovers everywhere. Her works have been
shown in hit TV shows such as “ER” and “A Different World” and in Eddie Murphy’s
movies “Coming to America” and “Boomerang.”
In 1997, Annie Lee signed Sandy USA, Inc. to be the exclusive licensee of Sass ‘n
class by Annie Lee. This collection of resin figurines re-created from her cas paintings
has been an outstanding success. Each figurine has captured the essence of the artwork,
equally full of humor, satire and life. Her trademarks are the animated emotion of the
personalities in the artwork and the faces which are painted without features! This allows
collectors to Feel” the scene and interject their own personalities into the work. The unique
collection is of the highest quality workmanship, and with optimism, joy, and tenderness, depicts
life and events which are all part of the human experience.

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